Your session can be as quick as you like or last up to 2 hours. 

I will take lots of pictures and put the best ones in an online gallery (usually about 80-100) for you to view at your convenience. The images will be edited and look as they will when they are delivered to you.

Pick your favorite 20 and I will release the high resolution digital images to you via email. You can order additional digital images or prints through your online gallery, or use the lab of your choice to make prints, but I do recommend Mpix for best quality.


Pricing for senior portraits:


If you're looking for just a few basic shots and a yearbook picture. Includes 30 minutes and 5 digital images.


A regular session with shooting time for up to 2 hours and 20 digital images. One or 2 locations and up to 3 wardrobe changes.


The regular session but you get all images in your gallery. Also included is a 10 page 8 x 8 hard cover book with your favorite images.

© 2021 IMAGES BY ANGELA ATWOOD                           East Bethel, MN 

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